Why Google Ratings And Reviews Are Crucial To App Success In Indonesia?

App Success In Indonesia

The success of your app on the google app store will depend on google app ratings and reviews. People decide to use ratings and reviews to download an app. Mobile app promotion has become much more dynamic lately. Surveys in the current advanced consumer company take on an important function. Whether you’re checking in, assessing a taxi driver or an application, the company has a large rating and a vast number of audits. Every day, many applications are downloaded, making it difficult for an application to stick out.

Taking user feedback is a fantastic way to show interest and dedication to customers but it also may enhance assessment when you react quickly to a negative survey resolving problems and raising the likelihood that user will alter their ratings.

There are, of course, several responsible for the application’s growth, nasty comments and poor ratings for each product. It involves more balance management in both of them and only if your application or product or services works using an optimization methodology.

We’ve developed a detailed guide to the Google App Store ratings and reviews, to ensure you are in the correct direction with your app growth. Find out how you can use your app reviews to speed your app growth.

Why Are Google App Reviews And Ratings Important?

App Ratings Affect the decision of download, for instance, you want to download the new game so it human tendency that they will check the ratings and reviews of that particular game to know more about the game i.e whether it is working smoothly or there is any bug in it.

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When it comes to user engagement, app ratings and reviews matter a lot. They play a huge part in an individual’s download choice. Carefully study reveals that mobile consumers would not even consider installing an app below 3 stars. In addition, at least a single review of 79 % of individuals before installing an app reads.

Improve User Participation And Acquire New Users

You can have a 2-way discussion with your users with your app evaluations. Start to process the space as you grow your user involvement and attract more users. People love to sense that they are heard and that their thoughts are important. You inform them that you pay attention when you react to your customer review. You also remind them that they are a vital component of your application and that their input is incorporated directly into the development process.

Google App Reviews And Pertaining Growth

In the applications stores, the level of competitiveness is considerable. The main thing when visitors scan for an application is its general evaluation. The quantity of surveys is the second item they are looking for. Many potential customers say that they take a gander in the usual 10 surveys and read both good and negative feedback before selecting to trust an item.

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Various research and surveys have been carried out to investigate the link between application development and customers responses. Both of these are legally associated with additional studies and a typically good evaluation are responsible for the growth of the application.

Google App Ratings and Reviews Contribute to Your App Branding

Another reason for the importance of app ratings and reviews is their contribution to the app branding overall. New customers will have faster and less frictional confidence in your brand if your app has favorable user reviews. Your present user provides social evidence that matches your application.

Furthermore, how you reply to your app reviews reveals how people are communicating with their users. Is your tone pleasant? Do you utilize certain sentences or even hashtags that correspond to your app brand? This all helps to raise awareness of the brand.

  • What problems does my app solve?
  • What is our mission statement?
  • Why do people prefer us over our competitors?
  • What values do we stand for? 
  • Who is our target audience? 

These questions will help you to build a sound and voice app brand. Whenever you answer a review, you have the potential to enhance this voice. Try to keep your replies consistent and brand-new utilizing App Radar answer templates.

How to Improve Your Google App Ratings?

  • Ask Users To Rate Your App

Your App Store star rating consists of all the ratings you have received before. Of course, the first step to boosting the ratings of your app store is to get more. The greater the ratings, the lower your average star rating is. Apps with a wide range of ratings in-app shops also rank better.

You only need to ask your users for further ratings. Send them a push message or pop-up while you’re using your app. Make sure that your activities are not interrupted or caught at the incorrect time. Good users tend to leave good evaluations more frequently.

  • Choose The Right Time To Pop Up Your Review Page 

The key to success is the identification of the ideal moment to request a user review. It never ends well to ask for a review 30 minutes after downloading your software. Allow them to warm up and first learn about the benefits of utilizing your app. Ideally, after having a great experience, you want to prompt your users. You have, for example, unlocked or successfully matched a more high level on a game. Moments like this are far more likely to cause the user to agree to provide you with a favorable review if you know the application is active.

  • Segment Your Users

Not all apps have certain times when you can rest assured that the user enjoys a nice experience. If this is the case, your users should be segmented according to their application use and commitment. For instance, people who visited your app more than 20 times over 5 days receive value from the app and would like to offer you a good review. This helps prevent inactive or first-time users from submitting the prompt. You should not get afraid of not using names their names because a personalized check rate can boost the conversion rate by 27.5%.

  • Ask Them A Question

Another fantastic way is to ask your user sometimes if they like your application. Few examples can give you an idea that how you can answer the questions in the next few steps. If they say yes, politely ask them if they wish to give you a rating on the app store. If they say no, ask them to give you direct feedback via email or another form of contact. This means only you and your team receive this information and have avoided a negative review on the app store for everyone to see. You now have the opportunity to solve whatever issue the user might be having and hopefully turn around their views on your app.

  • Reply To Reviews

It has been seen a rise in its app ranking for developers that reply to your reviews. Users who have received a developer response to the review prefer to make a favorable assessment of their original negative. Bad evaluations and assessments may be discouraging for anyone who has done a lot to build and launch an application. This is one technique of reviewing critical comments. However, this view is not very helpful if you attempt to enhance your application and expand it.

Note down what your users want to be improved and make these priority fixes for your next app update. Once you’ve released the new features and bug fixes, go back to your app reviews and let your users know that you’ve solved the problems they were facing. They are likely to appreciate your attentiveness and revise their report. 

The success of your app on the app store will depend on app ratings and reviews. It contribute to the growth of your app. How you reply to your app reviews reveals how people are communicating with their users.

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