What To Choose: Incent Or Non-Incent Mobile App Install In Indonesia

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What Are Incent Mobile App Installs Campaign?

To be clear from the start, incentivized app install is an approach in which the user is rewarded for completing a specific action, such as downloading the app. The best part of incentive app install is that you will receive a large number of installs in a short period. Such ads are typically used to attract or track the user attention and the platform as a whole for an application.

Users usually participate up to a certain point. However, if the user is fascinated by the app and has pleasure or value in using it. It is still feasible to recruit new active users directly utilizing this way.

Advantages Of Incent Mobile App Install Campaign

  • An incentive ads campaign is that they are extremely cost-effective, as cost-per-install (CPI) for rewarded installs is significantly lower than for non-rewarded CPIs.
  • Nevertheless, the biggest advantage of Incentive Ads is that they enable publishers to generate large quantities of installs in a short period. Combined with advanced targeting methods, this can be a powerful tool for marketers to address a fairly relevant user base and to drive installs for their app very quickly.

What Is The Non-Incent Mobile App Install campaign?

Non-incent app install campaigns enable you to capture users. Who are genuinely interested in your application but are not drawn in by a specific incentive. In other words, users choose to participate in the app just because of their curiosity or user interest. In this situation, you can be confident that these users will have a high lifetime value. Such campaigns also can be used to re-engage and retain app users. That may have lost interest and decreased usage of your application.

Advantages Of Non-Incent Mobile App Install Campaign

  • In order to generate high-quality users with a serious interest in the application, companies might better use a Non-Incentive-Advertisement. The main advantage of non-incentive installs is the average user LTV (Lifetime Value). 
  • As the installs are generated by users who get no external benefit for their install. They are considered non-incent traffic. Accordingly, they have a genuine interest in the app and are more likely to keep and use it.

Difference Between Incent And Non Incent Mobile App Install


  • Process where the audience is incentivized to engage with an advertisement to receive some kind of reward. 
  • Incentivizing the user to prompt action.
  • Cost Effective
  • High uninstall rate


  • It is a type of advertising that intends to fascinate potential customers without putting an incentive.
  • Audience engages naturally with the ad and installs the mobile app.
  • High cost of install
  • Low uninstall rate

Hopbug Advice: Incent Or Non-Incent Mobile App Install Campaign

We may argue that choosing between incentivized and non-incentivized app install campaigns. Without a fundamental understanding of these words is a difficult option. We just made it easy for you by providing all of the specifics for each approach. You now have the flexibility to choose the best strategy for your ad campaign. According to your budget and final objective. If you run into any additional problems on your road to meeting valued users. Remember that you may contact us and our specialists will assist you right away.

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