Strategies For Increasing App Retention Rate And User Engagement In Indonesia

Mobile App User Engagement

App retention rates & user engagement: As the mobile app business increases, The key determinants of success of any app depends upon retention rate and user engagement. The commitment of each product is distinct – a travel app is always used less often than e-mail, and not one commitment measure can be transmitted as the golden standard from a product person to a product person.

Active and committed user are the basis for each successful SaaS firm. You don’t have a sustainable SaaS business without a constant supply of users utilizing your product on regular terms. And you will definitely not achieve product-led growth.

These measurements together define the “engagement” of an application – how committed and devoted to a certain app are users. Companies primarily responsible for user conversions and/or revenue. The main aim is to engage consumers and assure repeated use.

Strategies For Increasing User Retention Rate & User Engagement:

  • On boarding efficient

It looks easy enough but not all apps start an effective on-boarding procedure. Make your embarkation as easy as intuitive as possible. The harder it is to start with an app, the harder it is for users to quit. Here are some techniques to ease on-boarding for users:

    1. Minimize the number of numerous registration features to establish an account or register (login with Facebook or Google, for example).
    2. Provide onboard training to introduce the capabilities of the software but don’t overburden users immediately.
    3. Teach the key gestures in the app experience through action
  • App Retention Rate & User engagement: Use Push Notifications

Analytics finds that during 11 or more sessions, consumers with a certain degree of customized brand engagement will more likely return to an app. In other words, you would probably be unhappy with the customer service if you enter a real shop and are not greeted. Take the same light on app interaction.

A push notice greeting users or provide valuable information as users go through the programmer may be as easy as delivering an interaction. This sort of contact is used by successful applications to influence the customer experience by being considerate and smart in how it reaches consumers. For instance, supplying appropriate retailers with locations and use patterns is an excellent approach to initiate application sessions. It’s also an excellent approach to engage users who have left the conversion funnel. 

  • In-App Messages

The more your experience is in keeping with the needs and preferences of a user, the more probable it is that a user will continue to use the product. Within 28 days after receiving a message, brands that employ in-app messaging to connect with consumers might see the retention of users between 61 and 74 per cent.

In-app messages are not instant alerts, but they are still very crucial for receiving notifications. These can include warnings about app problems, payment errors or updates to versions. Be aware that not all messages you send are of relevance to each individual. Your audience segmentation allows you to guarantee their receipt of information is worthwhile for you. To do this, several applications utilize device features for targeting individual users, including real-time updates and connections to custom content.

  • Offer And Incentivization Program To Increase App Retention Rates & User Engagement

It is vital to make the most of the chance if your company model permits you to provide a user incentive or loyalty programmer. These programmers not only encourage consumers to utilize the product but also help people to feel valued and vital for a company via loyalty programmer.

Applications that employ in-app procurement as a revenue strategy, especially QSR applications, will profit from time-sensitive discounts while premium apps can encourage users to get use-based benefits rather than currency discounts.

Hurdles Faced To Achieve App Retention Rate & User Engagement 

It is a challenging hurdle to achieve adequate mobile app engagement and user retention rates. Statistics finds that consumers return to an app 11 or more times after it has been downloaded. Even greater attention is paid to the fact that only after one use considerable per cent of consumers leave an app. The truth is, mobile app developers are facing a competitive industry with many alternatives.

More engaged and committed app users will be able to increase commitment and retention. The following strategies can assist reduce the churn rate of an app. Moreover it allows companies to see the intended outcomes and ROI from their investments in mobile app development.

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