Do You Know All About Mobile Measurement Platform (MMPs)?

Do you know all about Mobile Measurement Platform (MMPs)?

In the fast-paced world of mobile technology, staying ahead of the curve requires cutting-edge tools for monitoring and optimizing mobile app performance. The year 2024 sees the prominence of advanced mobile measurement platforms, each bringing its unique set of features to the table. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top five mobile measurement platforms of 2024, focusing on Appsflyer, Branch, Kochava, Adjust, Singular, and many others.

What is MMP?

A Mobile Measurement Platform (MMP) is a specialized analytics and attribution tool designed to help businesses and app developers track and measure the effectiveness of their mobile marketing campaigns and user acquisition efforts. MMPs play a crucial role in providing valuable insights into user behavior, advertising attribution, and the overall performance of mobile applications. MMPs offer comprehensive user analytics, providing insights into user engagement, in-app activities, session durations, and retention rates. This data helps businesses make informed decisions about user experience improvements, content optimization, and feature enhancements. MMPs track various types of conversions, including app installations, in-app purchases, sign-ups, or other predefined user actions. Conversion tracking is crucial for evaluating the success of marketing campaigns and optimizing advertising spend. Ad fraud is a significant concern in the mobile advertising space. MMPs often include features to detect and prevent ad fraud, ensuring that marketing budgets are spent efficiently and accurately reflecting genuine user engagement. 

How does MMP work?

A Mobile Measurement Platform (MMP) works by providing tools and functionalities to track, measure, and attribute user interactions within mobile applications. Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how MMPs typically work:


App developers integrate the MMP’s SDK (Software Development Kit) into their mobile applications. The SDK is a set of tools and libraries provided by the MMP to enable tracking and analytics.

Attribution Setup

Before launching a marketing campaign, businesses set up tracking links with the MMP. These links contain unique identifiers that help attribute user actions to specific marketing sources.

User Clicks on Ad

When a user clicks on an advertisement or a marketing link, the MMP registers this click and starts tracking the user’s journey.

Attribution Tracking

The MMP attributes the user’s actions to the specific marketing source (e.g., ad network, campaign, or channel) that led to the click. This attribution is crucial for understanding the effectiveness of different marketing efforts.

Install Tracking

If the user installs the app after clicking on the ad, the MMP records the installation and attributes it to the corresponding marketing source. This provides insights into which campaigns are driving app installations.

User Engagement Tracking

Once the app is installed, the MMP continues to track user engagement within the app. This includes monitoring in-app activities, session durations, and other relevant metrics.

Conversion Tracking

The MMP tracks predefined conversions, such as in-app purchases, sign-ups, or other key user actions. This information is vital for assessing the success of marketing campaigns and optimizing advertising spend.

Cross-Platform Measurement

MMPs often support cross-platform measurement, allowing businesses to understand how users interact with the app across different devices and platforms. This includes tracking user journeys from mobile devices to tablets or other platforms.

Real-Time Reporting

MMPs provide real-time reporting dashboards that offer businesses insights into campaign performance, user behavior, and other relevant metrics. This real-time data empowers businesses to make informed decisions quickly.

Ad Fraud Prevention

Many MMPs incorporate measures to detect and prevent ad fraud. This helps ensure that marketing budgets are spent efficiently and that reported user engagement is legitimate.

Deep Linking (Optional)

Some MMPs offer deep linking capabilities, allowing businesses to create personalized and seamless user experiences by directing users to specific content or sections within the app.

By providing these comprehensive tracking and analytics features, MMPs empower businesses and app developers to optimize their marketing strategies, understand user behavior, and enhance the overall performance of their mobile applications in a dynamic and competitive landscape.

5 Major MMPs in Digital world

Appsflyer: Revolutionizing Mobile Attribution and Analytics

Appsflyer continues to be a master in the mobile monitoring space, specializing in attribution and analytics. It empowers businesses to dissect user behavior, assess marketing campaign effectiveness, and optimize user acquisition strategies. Appsflyer’s robust attribution modeling and anti-fraud measures make it a preferred choice for marketers aiming to make data-driven decisions. With its compatibility across various ad networks and platforms, Appsflyer remains an indispensable tool for those seeking comprehensive insights into mobile app performance.

Branch: Seamless User Experiences Through Deep Linking

Branch has earned its reputation by focusing on deep linking and creating frictionless user experiences across devices. By enabling the creation of personalized and context-aware links, Branch facilitates direct access to specific in-app content. This platform is a game-changer for marketers looking to optimize user journeys and track conversions effectively. With its robust attribution features and support for cross-platform campaigns, Branch stands out as an essential tool for enhancing user engagement and driving growth.

Kochava: Holistic Mobile App Analytics and Attribution

Kochava stands as a holistic solution for mobile app analytics and attribution, catering to the diverse needs of app developers and marketers. It offers features that include tracking user engagement, measuring marketing campaign impact, and gaining insights into user behavior. Real-time analytics and customizable reporting dashboards empower businesses to make informed, data-driven decisions. Kochava’s prowess in cross-channel attribution and fraud prevention tools adds to its appeal in the competitive realm of mobile monitoring.

Adjust: Precision in Mobile Measurement and Marketing

Adjust has solidified its position by providing precision in mobile measurement and marketing. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools to track user acquisition, measure app performance, and optimize marketing spend. With sophisticated fraud prevention measures and in-depth analytics, Adjust allows businesses to make informed decisions about their mobile marketing strategies. Its commitment to accuracy and reliability makes Adjust a preferred choice for those seeking granular insights into app performance across diverse channels.

Singular: Unifying Marketing Analytics for Better Insights

Singular has emerged as a powerful player in the mobile monitoring arena by unifying marketing analytics. It provides businesses with the tools to consolidate data from various sources, offering a comprehensive view of marketing performance. Singular’s platform allows users to analyze and optimize marketing campaigns efficiently. With its emphasis on data unification and actionable insights, Singular contributes significantly to helping businesses maximize their mobile marketing ROI.


As we navigate the intricate landscape of mobile monitoring in 2024, platforms like Appsflyer, Branch, Kochava, Adjust, and Singular redefine industry standards with their innovative features and capabilities. These platforms not only empower businesses to monitor app performance but also play a pivotal role in shaping the future of mobile analytics. In a world where mobile technology evolves rapidly, these top mobile monitoring platforms offer the tools necessary for staying ahead and thriving in the competitive mobile app market.

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